Nov 04 2010

Masterchef (Professional)?

Category: The Catering View paulodonnell @ 10:20 pm

I love masterchef its great but the professional one has been a bit of a let down this year last year the winner was fantastic but I cant see anyone getting close this year.

Quail with chocolate cake, what was that guy thinking about? Madness sheer madness!!

Shocking attempts at souffles the nerves are really kicking in, I was surprised that Monica did not know that you do not put cream in a beurre blanc sauce. Only chefs who are relatively unskilled would use cream to stabilise the sauce. A true beurre blanc is achieved by making a reduction of shallots, white wine and vinegar and swirling the pan whilst adding cold pieces of butter to form an emulsion.

The young girl from Hinckley is doing really well. Although I dont think she will win. Continue reading “Masterchef (Professional)?”