Sep 01 2010

Ready Steady Cook

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The catering manager from one of the local prisons called me today as he was looking for a catering company to use as a contingency as they think the national grid might fail them in the future.

I went in to the jail to see him today and had my mobile phone taken of me but was allowed to keep my laces. Continue reading “Ready Steady Cook”

Sep 01 2010

Recipe of the month

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Sep 01 2010

Weird Sandwich

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Welcome to the Paul O’Donnel Blog

I saw this recipe on an American cookery show yesterday its a toasted sandwich with a difference, Take two slices of bread and coat the first one with strawberry jam, then coat the second with peanut butter. Cut a banana in half and pan fry it until golden on both sides then lay it on top of the jam, then put a slice of cheese on top. Put the peanut butter coated slice of bread on top and toast the sandwich.

Let me know what it tastes like….

Aug 03 2010

Augusts Recipe of the Month

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Just added! Scented Pears Poached in Red Wine… Delicious!

Read the full recipe here

Aug 02 2010

Wedding Dress Ball

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I will be cooking a 3 course dinner for the wedding dress ball – an opportunity to wear your wedding dress again on Saturday 11th September at Alloa Town Hall.

In aid of CHAS £30 per ticket!

To get your ticket call beatrice on 01259 210395

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